Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What is reflection?

Reflection is when you’ve moved to a new country, wake up after the first night and think “where am I and what am I doing here? I should be home right now.”

Reflection is when you think of those innumerable times when you should’ve just gone that one step further – that extra word, those extra moments, that one phone call, that one act of gratitude. More than that, reflection is thinking how life would’ve changed if you had taken those extra steps.

Reflection is being at a shop window, feeling guilty about over-shopping last time, but thinking – this is not the same.

Reflection is immense wealth and power, yet missing the days when you were nothing, and life was so much more fun.

Reflection is thinking what could’ve happened is you’d have taken up sport as a profession. Or if you would have joined the army.

Reflection is that cozy, early morning cup of tea, your partner inhaling smoke slowly at the far corner.

Reflection is that patch of decaying seaweeds that we call nature, being part of a concrete jungle that’s only going to get worse.

Reflection is remembering that letter, that greeting card, that scent, that look in her eyes.

Reflection is holding her lipstick in your hands, knowing that she’s many many miles away – and still feel her close to you.

Reflection is those dreams of getting a perfect partner, but finally ending up with someone totally different and thinking “I was so wrong.”

Reflection is those laurels you didn’t receive and those that you did, in spite of not deserving them.

Reflection is when the wind creates sweet music in your ears, and the traffic around means nothing to you.

Reflection is a peaceful jog, watching the world blur past you.

Reflection is finding a pattern in the waves, and knowing that they’re talking to you.

Reflection is common, the one thing that holds us all together.

Reflection is reaction.
Reflection is reproduction.
Reflection is adaptation.
Reflection is nostalgia.
Reflection is understanding.
Reflection is recognition.
Reflection is meditation.
Reflection is thinking about the past while pondering over the future.
Reflection is constantly questioning everything, including existence.
Reflection is reminiscence.
Reflection is meditation.
Reflection is observation.
Reflection is being pensive.
Reflection is the highest point of thought.

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ravi deshpande said...

It's time for you to read Jiddu Krishnamurthy.
Nicely writen-juiced out!!!